Johann Koch Landscape and Wildlife Oil Paintings Artist – South Africa

Johann Koch was born in Johannesburg in 1948. From early childhood Johann was exposed to the African fauna and flora, and painting, spending holidays in the bushveld of eastern Transvaal.

At an early age, Johann excelled in drawing, and painting came as a natural next phase. After studying Industrial Design at Johannesburg School of Art, he worked as stylist with the Chrysler Motor Company for a few years.

At age 24, Johann turned to fine art as a professional artist.

Residing in the northern part of South Africa, he became well known for painting all of the African landscape. ranging from the beauty of the Western Cape, the Karoo, and the wildlife of the African bush.

In 1994 Johann went on a world tour to Asia, America and Europe, to market his artwork internationally. He exhibited in New York, Dallas, Houston and Las Vegas and South Africa.

Johann participates annually in the` Exhibition of Masters` held at the Greenhouse Gallery in San Antonio, Texas.

Johann has a flair for detail and his work reflects passion and artistic talent that attracts collectors worldwide.


There is a permanent exhibition at:

Cafe Bon Bon
La Petite Dauphine
Exelsior Drive, Franschhoek